Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Grand Tour Orangutan Page got removed!

The Grand Tour Orangutan original page was removed or (just disappeared with out a clue) yesterday. Facebook  gave me no warnings or notice prior to removing the page. I am gutted as I worked hard on that page sharing clips and photos of the trio from Top Gear days and I just started sharing some video clips The Grand Tour.

Last night however, I did get a notice on Facebook claiming that they removed a video on my page that was actually the opening scene of The Grand Tour. Amazon Video filed a copyright against me. Funnily enough, they removed my page before giving me the actual notice regarding the copyright infringement.

I made this page back when we were waiting for trio's new show. I used to upload short video clips from Top Gear, and not once I was given any copyright infringement notice. Thinking it will be the same with The Grand Tour, i continued sharing clips and videos not knowing that they will cost me this much.

I decided not to dwell on the loss that much and to start a new page, with the same name. It will take another few months to reach that amount of likes but I'm pretty sure we will restart the community.
Before Facebook blocked me out of my current page after issuing me a delayed notice regarding the copyright infringement that I happened to commit on the original page, I decided to upload video clips from The Grand Tour  again on the current page.

This is what I am doing next:

1. Deleting those videos from my current page so as to prevent this whole ordeal from happening again.

 2. I will create another page(and I will link it here), where I will only post videos from The Grand Tour. Those videos will be shared on The Grand Tour Orangutan page.

3. If Facebook decides to act funny and bring down that page, The Grand Tour Orangutan page will be fine.

So this is what I am planning on doing. I really want to share short, funny clips from the show and I think people enjoy them as much as I do. However, one thing I have noticed after this whole ordeal is that Amazon is quite strict in terms of copyright stuff. A lot more than BBC.

Please like 'The Grand Tour Orangutan' page, it's currently got around 250 likes, let's make it to 1,000 today! Share the page.

I will be back updating all of you guys on Friday afternoon (UK time), once Facebook lift this ban.

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