Tuesday, 20 September 2016

How can I watch The Grand Tour? - (FAQs)

I made this website so that I can give you guys the latest details of the trio's upcoming show, The Grand Tour. Now a few months back I wrote a pretty long post on the Facebook page, answering some of your frequently asked questions. However, now that we know what the new show is called and when it will be launching, I decided to do an updated post on some of the FAQs. 

For those who don't know, The Grand Tour is launching on 18th November 2016, (We have a countdown page, just to create more hype!! ) and it will be available on Amazon Prime. This is where the confusion begins. What is Amazon Prime? Do i need to pay them? How much is it per month? Is Amazon Prime available in my country? If it is not, then how can I watch the new show? 

I will try to answer all the above questions to the best of my abilities. Let's go! 

Question 1: What is Amazon Prime?
Ans: We all know that Amazon is the best way to buy new things, that can be electronics, ipads, cameras and so much more. However, with Amazon Prime, Amazon provides fast shipping times, ad-free music streaming and exclusive access to latest movies and TV show, much like Netflix. There are popular tv shows and movies available on Amazon Prime and some of the original series as well, for example, the upcoming The Grand Tour. 

Question 2: Do I need to pay them to get Amazon Prime?
Ans: Yes. Amazon Prime comes with 3 price/subscription plans. The first plan, which costs $8.99/month will allow you to access all the latest tv shows and movies. This is the best plan for those who don't care about other Amazon Prime offerings and just want to watch The Grand Tour. 
Then you have a monthly plan, for $10.99, that includes all the other Amazon Prime offerings, including free two-day shipping, music streaming, ebooks etc. And then the third plan is annual which will cost you $99/yr and monthly it is equivalent to $8.25/month. It includes all the offerings. Do note that Plan 2 and Plan 3 also include access to the all the latest tv shows and movies. 

Question 3: Is Amazon Prime available in my country?
Ans: Amazon Prime Video is only available in the following countries:


It's a shame that Amazon Prime video is only available in five countries. I think Amazon show just make it available globally, just like Netflix did. 

Question 4: Amazon Prime is not available in my country, how can I watch the new show?
Ans: This is a tough question to answer. The best info I can give on this topic is to wait for few days and you will see the full episodes of the new show creeping up on the interwebs. Narcos, which is a Netflix original series, is available all over the net. So for those who don't have Amazon Prime, don't worry, you will watch the new show. 

That's the best I can do to answer some of your enquiries. Again, those who live in a country where Prime video is not supported, don't worry. Torrents, and other online sites should get the show and you will be able to watch it. I will try my best to upload episodes on this website as well.


  1. Is amazon prime really not available in Canada? Seems odd...

    1. Odd and catastrophic... Quite unhappy with this too.

    2. Odd and catastrophic... Quite unhappy with this too.

  2. Can u download the show and watch it wherever u want like in itunes? Or is it strictly streaming only?

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  4. In Canada will the grand Tour be shown on Shomi or Crave?

  5. How can I watch this in Australia?

  6. How can I watch this in Australia?